For Adoption

Paws 4 Love Pet Rescue is taking a hiatus from our adoption program.

(There are several organizations that offer adoption programs for our community, please check the internet for information.)

We are committed to continue helping the cats that we have placed in the last 9 years (1000+) should any of them come back to us, we will see to their medical needs as well as finding another home for them should the case or need arise.


Paws 4 Love will continue in business just looking to another venue (assisting the feeders with food and medical help for the cats they care for), we will participate in a couple of events during the year to garner donations to help with food/litter and medical expenses for the 14 cats that we have been unable to adopt and remain with the group.


10. Older cats are calmer.

9. Their personalities are well developed and a good match is easier to make.

8. There is no question about how big they will grow to be.

7. They are less likely to get into mischief around the house.

6. They need less attention than young kittens, but can still be quite playful.

5. They still develop very strong bonds with their new family.

4. Many older cats do not mind if they are left alone while you are at work.

3. Cats often live for 15 or even 20 years, so an 8 year old cat is only middle aged and has many years of affection to give.

2. The wonderful and loving cats deserve a second chance.