Emma's Story

Hi everyone, my name is Emma and I am a 2 year old calico/torti mix, did I mention I am also pregnant (about 5 weeks)?   Well that is how I came to be with the Paws 4 Love rescue group.  I was dumped by my family and was lucky enough to find a feeding station for feral cats, the lady feeding is wonderful and decided to help me out.  I was taken to the veterinarian clinic where I was given an exam, I was also checked for both leukemia and aids and was declared healthy and negative of both diseases.  While the doctor was looking me over she did an ultrasound showing my babies. I was then picked up by another woman and taken to a safe place to wait out my due date.  I have to tell you I was pretty confused with all of the attention and just a little wary of what was going on.  The woman that picked me up assured me that I was safe and would be well taken care of, I hissed at her and told her she could not pet me, she just looked at me and said she had time and she would be petting me, some nerve, right??  Well, I will tell you that she keeps me safe, clean and well fed, I REALLY like her food, however, I made her wait about 4 days before I ALLOWED her to pet me, okay so I gave in, needed a good chin rub, I am sure you understand.

*Update: week of April 18*

Hi again, week 2 of my story and do I have a funny story for you this week. Want to know how to scare someone silly? I figured it out. Just lay on your back with all 4 feet in the air, and wala!, scared, easypeasy, you can do it! My caregiver came in and found me on my back all 4 feet in the air and about had a heart attack, I stayed as still as I could but that darn tail of mine moved, gave me away, then she was mad at me, can't figure her out!                                                                                                                                                                      
My tummy is getting bigger and harder, still eating like a mad woman, but am thankful my bowl is always full. I eat, sleep and listen to music all day. I listen to country and am a little afraid my kitten will come out doing the boot scoot boogie!                                                                                                                                                                 
During my story I wanted to be able to provide people with some information regarding cats and mother nature. Did you know that cats TEND to breed in the SPRING and gestation is about 65 days. Cats are called “seasonally polyestrous' and generally go into heat with the season, which includes the warm weather and length of the daylight. While on occasion a cat might get her calendar messed up and have an off season litter it does not happen often. That is why Spring is called kitten season. A cat can mate with several males when in heat, and it is possible for kittens in a litter to have different fathers. The technical term for this is “superfecundation.”                                                                                                                                                              
Okay enough of school, I am going to flip on my back again and see if I can pull off scaring this woman again, that is after I have a snack. See you next week.                                                                                                             

*update week April 25*

Hi again, week 3, as you can see from the pictures, I became a full fledged MOM!!!, The picture on the left is me on Easter morning, tummy a little large, several hours later my first baby was born, it is a little ginger tabby (probably a boy, did you know that 99% of the time ginger cats are boys?), then I had a little torti (by the way tortie's are always girls), then 2 little gray tabbies wereborn, FULL HOUSE! Boy am I glad that is over, surprised by caregiver, she didn't  think it would happen this soon, she heard a tiny mew and boy did she come running, she was smart enough to leave me a lone to my task, which I thank her for. After all of my babies arrived, she help by giving us a larger and clean cage with baby bumpers. My babies are basically the size of a hot-dog, they are about 1 inch shorter than a hot-dog but just as round (they look larger in the picture), funny right,they each need their own little bun for sleeping right? I would like to finish telling you why it is so important to spay and neuter us pets, it is for our own good that it be done and in a timely manner:

There are 7 very good reasons to spay/neuter us, they are:
1. Spaying and neutering reduces or eliminates the risk of developing many cancers.
2. Spaying reduces or eliminates the risk of developing malignant tumors.
3. A spayed cat cannot contract life-threatening infections.
4. Regularly undergoing heat cycles—on top of birthing litters—puts a tremendous amount of stress on a female cat’s body.
5. Eliminating the drive to mate reduces the risk of contracting deadly diseases.
6. Neutered or spayed cats are much less likely to roam dangerously.
7. Spaying and neutering often eliminates the desire to spray indoors.

As you can see there are very good reasons to spay/neuter, not to mention the thousands of unwanted/abandoned and abused animals, please help us. Should you know of someone that needs assistance getting their pets spay/neutered, please contact my caregiver at: 702-622-3092.

Hi again, week 4, as you can see from the pictures my babies have really grown. I wanted to wish all of us Moms a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!. I have to tell you no one told me how kneady these babies would be. Honestly, I don't know how you Moms do it, they are constantly kneading me, can't even go to the bathroom by myself! Can hardy wait till they are old enough so that I can have this woman kitten-sit, so I can get a breather. My babies were 2 weeks old on May 1, they now have their eyes open and their ears are standing up. For a while I was calling one of the kittens Captain Jack as he only had one eye open, Arrrgh matey!! They are also trying to stand up, but not doing to well as their legs are not long enough so that their fat tummies don't rub on the ground, still crawling. Of course all they are doing is eating and sleeping, and if they can't figure out where they are they scream (mew very loudly) and our caregiver comes into to see what is wrong, honestly, every once and a while I accidentally lay on one (the kittens are fine, just mad), boy does she get mad at me that I don't move right away, she really gives me and earful!

I wanted to share some information regarding us mother cats and our kittens. 

1. Did you know that we move our kittens so that Tom cats can't find them and hurt them, so if you should find a kitten somewhere, please wait a little bit to see if the Mom comes back, she might have been frighten and dropped the kitten and will be back to get it once she thinks it is safe, ALWAYS, pick up a new born kitten with a cloth if you MUST. This way the Mom is more likely to nurse the kitten since it doesn't have a strange scent on it. It is IMPERATIVE that kittens have their Mom's milk, there is simply nothing to replace what she provides them in her milk.

2. As a mom cat (queen) we move our kittens by scruffing them, meaning we pick them up by the extra skin on the back of their necks, this also immobilizes them so that they do not wiggle about. Did you know that you can use this action on adult cats as well, it does not hurt them and also keeps them from scratching you? This is an easy and safe way to deal with adults cats.

3. Kittens knead their Mom's tummy, this is how the milk is dropped for nursing.

4. Kittens like puppies also dog-pile, this allows for them to keep warm, if they are not snuggled up in their Mom's tummy for her body warmth.